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adopting with nhpr

At NHPR, we know we've succeeded in this important work when we connect a rescued dog with a forever family. We work hard to make adoption as easy as possible for interested families, and to ensure that each match we make is the best fit for our dogs and for your family. We believe that all pets deserve to live in a clean and loving home where their presence is valued, and contributions to their human companion(s) are acknowledged. If you're interested in saving a life through adoption, please consider the following:  ​​​

nhpr's adoption process




meet & greet

finalized adoption!

Complete an application so that we can complete the screening process. You can expect a phone call from us to verify some key information. *Please note, all applications are valid for up to ONE YEAR. You don't need to apply more than once per year.

If you pass our screening, you'll become an approved adopter! Please note, this does not mean you'll automatically be matched with the dog of your choice, it simply means you have been approved to begin meet & greets with our available dogs.

If the animal you're interested in is available, we will connect you with the foster family, and you can work with them to coordinate a meet and greet. At this meeting, your whole family - kids, other animals in the home, etc. will be invited to meet the NHPR dog, and see if it's a good match. 

Prior to your meet & greet, we will send you an adoption agreement and an invoice for your new pet. If you're ready to take them home at that time, you must bring a signed copy of the adoption agreement and pay your invoice in full to complete the adoption.

I'm an approved adopter

Once you become an approved adopter, your approval status is valid for one year. In that time period, you can request a meet and greet with any of our available animals. To request a meet and greet, simply email with your name (be sure to include the name of the person in your household who has been approved){ and the dog you are interested in meeting. 

adoption policies


We carefully screen all adoption applicants to ensure the right match for our dogs - this includes a one-on-one phone call, careful review of your application, and may even include a home visit. 


Some of our animals are older or have medical conditions. Special requirements of the adoptive family may have to be met.


We adopt only to homes where the pet will live indoors as a family member. We do not allow pets to be left outdoors while their guardians are not home. 


NHPR works hard to ensure our adopters get the pet they are interested in, but some pets receive multiple applications. We can't guarantee you'll match with the pet you wanted, even once you're an approved adopter.


All NHPR dogs are fixed prior to adoption being finalized. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any other pets in the same household must be spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations.  NO EXCEPTIONS


Once our team screens and approves your application, it is valid for up to ONE YEAR. We do NOT use Facebook or text to complete adoptions.


Not every match is a perfect one. During your meet and greet, our team and the dog's foster family will help determine if a match is the right fit. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.


Adopting is a commitment for the full duration of a pet's life. We reserve the right to a home visit after adoption if we learn that one of our adopted dogs is lacking care.

nhpr adoption pricing

At NHPR, adoption fees vary depending on the age of your new pet, medical needs involved, etc. We believe that our adoption fees reflect both the time and care our team has invested in our shelter dogs, and the lifetime commitment our adopters will fulfill when they bring their dogs home. Additionally, all NHPR dogs must undergo spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccines, worming, heart worm, and microchipping prior to going to their forever home. Our goal is that they arrive to their new families healthy and prepared for a new life.

Adoption pricing structure: 

  • Puppies up to 1 year - $350 (UTD on age appropriate shots, wormed, microchipped and spayed/neutered

  • Adults up to 5 years - $300 (UTD on shots, wormed, Heart Worm tested, microchipped and spayed/neutered)

  • Seniors 5 years and up - $250 (UTD on shots, womed, microchipped, Heart Worm tested and spayed/neutered) 

  • Kittens up to 1 year - $125 (UTD on age appropriate shots, wormed, microchipped and spayed/neutered) 

  • Cats 1 year & up - $100 (UTD on shots, wormed, Heart Worm tested and spayed/neutered) 


*Please note - we do our best to be accurate on the ages of our dogs, but we are not able to guarantee ages. Our pricing is subject to change as a result of inflation and the rising cost of vetting, preventatives, food, etc.

specialty adoption programs


'friends for seniors' program

NHPR's Friends for Seniors program is designed to connect individuals over 60 with our "senior" pups in rescue (those over 5 years old), with one very special bonus - a WAIVED adoption fee. 


'foster to adopt' program

NHPR's 'Foster to Adopt' program enables adopters to bring their new animal home, under special contract, as they wait to complete required vetting.

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