fostering with nhpr

New Hope Pet Rescue-Michigan is a foster based dog rescue that relies on people just like you to help save lives. Our fosters are key to the success of our mission - and we're always seeking passionate new fosters to add to our crew. 

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what does it mean to be a foster?

As a foster-based rescue, we do not have a shelter facility for our dogs - rather, we rely on our team of fosters to house our pups until they find their forever homes. As a foster, you'll welcome your rescue baby *temporarily* into your pack - not just housing, feeding a caring for them, but also helping them develop the trust, love and socialization they'll need in their forever home. It may sound like a big responsibility (and it is!) but you're not in it alone. When you become a foster, you'll immediately have access to all this: 


vet care

NHPR covers all vetting expenses for your foster - We work with several local vets, all of whom give us discounts on services. Your responsibility is simply to get your foster to and from appointments.


NHPR can help with food, treats, toys, collars, leashes and most other supplies needed. Our goal is to ensure that our fosters have the right tools and supplies to best support their pup. 


NHPR screens all applications for your foster dog, and makes a final decision of placement. When it's time for your pup to go to their forever home, our team will organize the adoption contract and fees. 

nhpr foster community

NHPR's team is here to support you 24/7. All fosters are given access to a NHPR "private" foster Facebook group, allowing you to stay up to date on rescue events, talk to other fosters and staff, and post updates of their foster pups. 

what makes a great foster?

At NHPR, we believe in matching our rescued animals with a foster who can best meet their needs - some dogs need a home that's quiet, with no other animals, others may want the comfort that only another family dog can provide, and some love a rowdy pack with kids, dogs, cats and everything in between. So naturally, we look for fosters with diverse home environments and experiences levels. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner and/or foster, or if you're just getting started, we invite you to learn more about joining our foster team. Here are a few considerations as you begin this journey:


passion for rescuing

There is no greater feeling than watching a homeless & unwanted shelter dog transition from a scared and unloved animal to a confident and loved member of a forever family. Our fosters firmly believe in this mission and live it out with their rescue dogs.


support from your pack

Fostering can't be done in a bubble. Consider who makes up your "pack" - a partner, a family dog, a family cat, children. Make sure everyone is on board to support this new rescue animal you'll welcome into your lives.


patience & support

Shelter dogs come with diverse backgrounds, which require unique care plans. From medication routines, to socialization, etc., they'll need your help decompressing from a scary shelter environment so they can blossom into a loved family dog.


time to give your rescue

When you open your home to a foster dog, you are becoming their temporary family. Fosters help us get their animals to scheduled vet appointments, work on social and emotional skills, and spend time with their dogs to help them learn about family life.

NHPR foster of the month

Our fosters are quite literally saving lives each time they open their home up for an animal in need - but some truly go above and beyond. Our Foster of the Month is recognized for their consistent commitment and support of NHPR's work. 


june 2022: Lisa starks

Lisa has been a huge part of getting dogs into a home and has been very flexible with taking on respites and permanent placement. She has been a champ at communicating with the vet team which helps tremendously. Here is her story:

  • My first foster dog came from Texas on February 27, 2022.

  • I decided to start fostering after seeing a post about a dog that was going to be euthanized. I’m sure there have been several that I missed and for some reason this one showed up in my feed. I thought about it all day until I finally decided that was my sign to fill out an application to foster. That particular dog ended up going to a different rescue but within days after being approved a transport came from Texas and the rest is history.

  • I continue to foster because there are so many dogs in need. I never thought I’d be fostering two at a time with having 3 of my own but with the need being so great I said what the heck. 5 is really no different than 4!

  • I am currently fostering dogs #4 and #5.

  • My favorite thing about fostering is being able to love on the dogs and have them gain my trust and watching their personalities come out. I love knowing I made a difference in a dog’s life.

  • In addition to fostering and watching my 2 daughers, Hannah (16) and Mya (13) play softball and basketball, I also work for the Michigan Department of Treasury as an auditor and also co-own the Lansing Once Upon a Child. I have 3 dogs, Jake, Sydney, and Bella that are finally becoming ok with random dogs showing up occasionally. They even welcome the dogs on our daily 4 mile walk.


becoming a nhpr foster

Are you ready to begin your journey fostering with NHPR? We are so excited to connect you with a shelter dog in need! To get started, you'll need to complete the following:

foster application

Your application helps us assess your home environment, your current pets, and other key details we'll use to match you to the right foster dog.

liability release

Once you complete your foster application, we ask that you download this document, sign it, scan it and email the signed document to

foster contract

Once you complete your foster application, we ask that you download this document, sign it, scan it and email the signed document to

*Once you complete your application and send our team the signed liability release and foster contract, we will review everything and reach out to you to let you know if you've been approved. Once approved, you'll be added to our private NHPR foster community, and you'll get materials and training prior to receiving your first foster dog. Questions or concerns about our foster process? Contact us at