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foster to adopt program

NHPR's 'Foster to Adopt' program enables adopters to bring their new animal home, under special contract, as they wait to complete required vetting. This is a specialty program that is only approved for specific situations, and requires pre-approval by our rescue director.


how does the program work?


eligibility requirements

Eligibility for the 'Foster to Adopt' program is determined on a case by case basis. If you're interested in adopting via this program, you must be willing to get your new pet to ALL remaining scheduled vetting.


get approved to adopt

To get started, submit an adoption application HERE, and select the dog you're interested in adopting from the list of available animals. Once approved, reply to your approval email and share that you're interested in the "Foster to Adopt" program


complete vetting

If approved for this specialty program, and assuming your meet & greet goes well, you get to bring your new pet home! During this tentative adoption period, you must get your pet to all scheduled vetting. NHPR pays for all of this vetting.


finalized adoption

Once all necessary, scheduled vetting is complete, your adoption is finalized and you have officially adopted your new pet!

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