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What is the first step I should take if I want to adopt a pet? 

  • The first step in adopting a NHPR dog is to submit an application. Here, you’ll share some key information about you, your history as a pet owner, etc. You can also include which dog you’re interested in at this time. 

  • You can submit a cat application here.

  • It takes 24-48 hours for our team to review your application, and if applicable, approve you. Please note, we receive many applications every day, some for the same dog. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that even once you are approved, you will be matched with the dog of your choice. 

  • Once you become an approved adopter, your application is valid for one year - so even if you don’t get the dog you were first interested in, you’ll be automatically approved if another dog becomes available that you’d like to adopt within that timeframe. 

  • Learn more about our adoption process and policies.

what is the first step in adopting a dog if I'm already an approved adopter? 

  • As an approved adopter, you can immediately request a meet and greet with a dog you're interested in, without submitting an additional application. Simply send an email including your name (make sure you're including the name of the individual who was approved) and the animal you're interested in. ​

  • Your approved application is valid for one year from the date of approval. If your application is more than one year old, you'll need to submit a new application for approval. 


  • Once you apply and become an approved adopter with NHPR, our team will notify the dog’s foster family, and we will coordinate a meet and greet. Since NHPR is a foster-based rescue, your meet and greet will likely take place at the foster’s home. 

  • Prior to your meet and greet, we’ll send you two things. First, an adoption agreement, which we ask that you complete online, and second, a link to an invoice for the pet’s adoption fee. You MUST complete the adoption agreement and share a screenshot or receipt of proof of payment with the pet’s foster when you are ready to take your dog home. 

  • Learn more about our adoption process and policies.

can i come visit the nhpr facility to meet a dog I'm interested in?

  • NHPR is a foster-based rescue, which means that we rely on our team of amazing fosters to house and care for our pups while they are in our care. To meet our dogs, you must first apply and become an approved adopter, then work with the foster family to organize a meet and greet.

What are the adoption fees for your available dogs? 

  • Puppies up to 1 year - $350 (UTD on age appropriate shots, wormed, microchipped and spayed/neutered)

  • Adults up to 5 years - $300 (UTD on shots, wormed, Heart Worm tested, microchipped and spayed/neutered)

  • Seniors 5 years and up - $250 (UTD on shots, wormed, microchipped, Heart Worm tested and spayed/neutered) 

  • Kittens up to 1 year - $125 (UTD on age appropriate shots, wormed, microchipped and spayed/neutered) 

  • Cats 1 year & up - $100 (UTD on shots, wormed, Heart Worm tested and spayed/neutered) 

  • *Please note - we do our best to be accurate on the ages of our dogs, but we are not able to guarantee ages. 

  • **Our pricing is subject to change based on inflation, vetting costs, etc. 

What is the first step I should take if I want to become a NHPR foster? 

  • NHPR is always looking for passionate new fosters to add to our crew, so that we can continue to grow in our mission of saving shelter dogs. To become a foster, we encourage you to visit our Foster Page to learn more about what’s involved in fostering, what to expect, and what makes a great foster home. If you’re ready to join our foster team, you’ll submit an application, a liability release, and a foster agreement, then go through a foster training, before being matched with a dog. 

Can I apply to both foster and adopt? Do I need to fill out both applications?

  • You do not need to fill out both applications - anyone who becomes an approved adopter is automatically approved to be on our foster team. Please first complete the Adoption Application, then download these two documents, sign and scan them, and email them to Once we have received your email, we will send you a copy of the foster handbook to review and sign, and you will have been officially added to our foster team. 

How do I know if a dog I’m interested in is still available for adoption? 

  • Petfinder is the best way to see if a dog you’re interested in is still up for adoption. Our team is constantly updating our listings to reflect dogs that have already been adopted. You can find our adoptable dogs HERE.

I am a local business person and would like to collaborate with NHPR on an adoption event, donation, etc. - how do I get in touch with the right person? 

  • We appreciate your interest in collaborating with NHPR! Please send a detailed email with your name, contact information, and any information on the collaboration to NHPR President, Denise Rose, at

I am with a fellow animal shelter or dog rescue, and we would like to ask NHPR to help us take dogs in our care - how do I get in touch with the right person? 

  • NHPR is committed to saving shelter dogs, and we do our best to coordinate with shelters both in and out-of-state to achieve that mission. If you work with a shelter or a rescue, and you would like to contact NHPR about bringing dogs into our rescue, please contact NHPR President, Denise Rose, at

Do you have more information on what breeds your dogs may be? 

  • We do our best to identify what breeds our dogs may be mixed with, however we make these estimates based on their appearance and what shelters provide to us on their intake forms, so we cannot guarantee breeds. While it’s often a mystery, we love the diversity and beauty in our awesome mutts! 

I would like to donate items to NHPR - how do I get in touch with the right person? 

  • Thank you for thinking of NHPR for your donations! We are always seeking donations of common, “like new”  items for our foster dogs, including the following: 

    • Puppy food (hard and canned) - we use Purina One 

    • Leashes and collars (must be clean, without built up dog hair, oils, etc.) 

    • Martingale Collars (S-M-L)

    • 30 gallon trash bags

    • Zip ties, Quart sized Ziploc Bags

    • Puppy toys and treats 

    • Safegaurd Wormer (bottle) 

    • 10 mL & 20 mL syringes 

    • Puppy exercise pens 

    • Bleach, Laundry Soap, Spray Bottles 

    • Clean, medium sized towels, blankets, etc.

  • Please note, we do NOT accept the following items: 

    • Down-filled blankets 

    • Afghans (or other knitted/crocheted blankets/shawls), as they are not puppy friendly 

    • Large comforters or sheet sets

    • Small washcloths, or linens that are unwashed

    • Rusted or broken crates/cages 


**All donations can be dropped off at 815 N. Sheldon, Charlotte, MI, 48813​

I, or someone I know, needs to surrender a pet. What should I do? 

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