volunteering with nhpr

Are you looking to support NHPR's important work, but can't foster or adopt at this time? Our volunteer program is a great way to donate your time and get involved!


what do our volunteers do?


foster & respite

Sometimes, our volunteers are also on our foster team - other times they can help support our foster families as "respite" homes, taking animals temporarily while foster families are away, on vacation, etc.



Our volunteers help with our transport to and from shelters across the country. They help us walk and care for the dogs in transit, unload once we arrive back in MI, and connect with our foster families upon arrival.



During our adoption events, we rely on our volunteers to help us care for the adoptable animals who are waiting for their forever homes, as well as sell NHPR merchandise, set up and tear down, etc.


shelter work

Our volunteers also come with NHPR when we volunteer at other animal shelters across the state.

NHPR volunteer of the month

Our volunteers are the muscle and heart that help power our work, offering vital assistance at events, transports, and for short term respites for our hardworking fosters. Our Volunteer of the Month is honored for their continued support of our team, and their commitment to NHPR's work.


june 2022: robin wolever

Robin has done so much work for the rescue in the last several months. She is always willing to offer help in whatever we need. From organizing the barn, donating media supplies, helping other fosters walk their dogs or transport them to pictures and vetting appointments, going to the animal lodge and walking our dogs there, respiting and today she will be instrumental in getting the Louisianna dogs safely to our barn in Charlotte!  thank you Robin for playing such a huge part on our team!

Here is her story:


I joined NHPR in January of 2022. And I love being a part of a wonderful organization like this one where I can give my time and energy. I have one 6 year old Husky resident dog who is very good with other dogs. My two kids are grown and out of the house. Very boring here. My daughter is currently serving in the US Air Force and my son is doing great as well. They both love dogs like I do. For now, I am volunteering and respiting dogs for vacations.


becoming a nhpr volunteer

Are you ready to begin your journey volunteer with NHPR? We are so excited to welcome you to our passionate crew! To get started, you'll need to complete the following:

volunteer application

Your application helps us assess how you'll best support our volunteer team, your age, etc. This information will help us ensure you're a great match.

liability release

Once you complete your volunteer application, we ask that you download this document, sign it, scan it and email the signed document to nhprfoster@gmail.com

volunteer waiver

Once you complete your volunteer application, we ask that you download this document, sign it, scan it and email the signed document to nhprfoster@gmail.com

*Once you complete your application and send our team the signed liability release and volunteer contract, we will review everything and reach out to you to let you know if you've been approved. Once approved, you'll be added to our private NHPR volunteer community. Questions or concerns about our volunteer process? Contact us at nhprfoster@gmail.com